Universe Notation System

The Universe Notation System is used to identify the various universes which compose the greater Worterburgh universe.


The primary indicator of a Sliver is where it’s ‘central city’ is located on the planet earth or it’s vicinity. A second term is added when it is needed to specify it’s city.

  • Africus (AF): Ill-defined/fictional location in Africa.
  • Asianos (AS): Ill-defined/fictional location in Asia.
  • Astra (ST): The location is in space.
  • Auster (AU): The city is in Australia.
  • Britannia (BT): The city is in England.
  • Columbia (CO): The city is in the United States.
  • Europa (EU): Ill-defined/fictional location in Europe
  • Incognita (IN): Ill-defined/fictional location, possibly off the American continent coast.
  • Primordia (PM): The world is primordial. There might be no city, only possibly a bunch of villages or ruins.
  • Shenzhou (SZ): The city is in China.
  • Wa (WA): The city is in Japan.
  • Worterburgh: The city of Worterburgh exist in some shape or form there.


The other main indicator of a Sliver is it’s main Shard, which is both a theme and/or a certain moment in time and space. A secondary name can be added to clarify.

  • Aquarius: New age woo!
  • Arcanum: Bad Light Novel adaptation anime. Studying the supernatural.
  • Armageddon: A world thrown ‘off balance’.
  • Aurum: The golden age of technology.
  • Genex: Around the 1990 of the Gregorian calendar.
  • Cybron: Cyberpunk!
  • Delictum: Around the 2010 of the Gregorian calendar.
  • Futura: 22nd Century of the Gregorian calendar.
  • Imperius: A timeline where fascist or imperial shit holes are a powerful force.
  • Jidaigeki: Generally exclusive to Shards focused on ‘Wa’, this is the ‘feuding states era’.
  • Marx: A timeline where (somehow) the communist shit holes did not implode but instead are very powerful.
  • Millennia: Around the 2000 of the Gregorian calendar.
  • Mythus: The world is closely connect to the realm of myth and/or set in some ancient mythic era which never really existed.
  • Paganus: Civilization develop purely from pagan roots.
  • Terminus: Post-apocalyptic, dying world.
  • Tianxia: A timeline where China is the dominant world power.
  • Victoria: The Victorian era.


Finally, a designation is given to indicate the specific Sliver within it’s greater shard. The lower the number, the closer it is the Root World compared to other worlds which share it’s notation.

Example Naming Conventions:

  • IN-Worterburgh Genex 991: The ‘main’ Worterburgh from the perspective of the player characters. A fairly remote and quaint universe, from the looks of it.
  • IN-Nonburgo Delictum 255: An alternate Worterburgh which was annexed by the Kingdom of Sardinia and now in the 2010.
  • BT-Londonium Victoria 101: In this universe, the ‘central city’ is London during the Victorian era.
  • SZ Mythus 008: An ancient sliver well-connected to the mythical, this world is something straight ouf of classic Wuxia.

Universe Notation System

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