Power has a price. Not only that, but becoming a full Mage require one to delve into the depths of the supernatural in order to understand it. In ancient times, when knowledge was only available to the nobles and the holy men, becoming a Mage was a difficult task for many hedge-witch and so they had to ‘take a shortcut’. Sacrificing their humanity, they became monsters for a quick gain of power but in doing so became cursed in a variety of ways. Furthermore, such a transformation was nothing but a shortcut which invariable stifled the potential of the one who undertook it. These creatures exist in a loose area between vampiric being, Bogeymen, Mage and Therianthrope.

Many Witchbreed become deformed monsters, retaining their humanoid shape but becoming invariably ugly. Their lifespan is usually extended, but those with such a trait invariably require a mean to sustain it. Many acquire whole new weakness and limitations they never had as humans.

Technically these are beings with vastly different powers and nature, but they are similar enough in function to be lumped together. The condition has been known to be passed to offspring, creating whole lineage of monstrous witch.

Variations include Roogaroo, Obayifo, Soucouyant, Pricolici, Strega and Tlalicque.

Example in Worterburgh:


Worterburgh Skritz91