List of Supernatural Beings


Not actually supernatural, but included nonetheless because this is the only race list on the wiki. Mortals include humans, as well as those races who generally display little to no supernatural attributes: they might not be ‘human’ but their physical and/or mental abilities are well within the range of what is physically possible for their bodies. Most have a natural lifespan similar or close to humans and what little abilities they may manifest are simply part of their biology which, while potentially alien, remain within the realm of possibility.


Supernatural Being cannot fully change what they are but, under circumstances, they can certainly transform from one type of being to another. The process is rare, usually complex and require an outside power source to ‘jump start’ the transformation. Given the existence of broken fragments of parts of the multiverse, such fragments of powers do exist, free to be tapped into. However most acquire their power through bargain with a higher power. The most famous cases involve vampire being becoming full vampires, either by being elevated by another vampire, consuming it or acquire the power of a destroyed vampire as well as Lich, which are human mages sacrificing their lives to become undead creatures and fuse with their own magic. Mortals or demi gods becoming some form of divinity, either via taking a new place in a pantheon or via some other means are also a form of ascendance. Presumably, much more exotic form and cases exist but they haven’t been recorded.

Becoming undead is by far the most common, albeit weakest, form of ascendancy and in some cases can even be seen as a descent, not ascension.

Supernatural Humans

These beings are most definitely human, at least in the sense they are born to human parents, are flesh and blood (mostly) and generally are at the low end of supernatural nature. All these various natures and expression of special powers are mutually-exclusive. Supernatural Humans usually have a very weak, if non-existent Impulse.

Corporeal Entities

Incorporeal Entities/ Spirits

Corporeal And Spiritual


Beyond All Classification

Supernatural Diseases

List of Supernatural Beings

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