Magnus Brimsey



A ruthless businessman…and yet that’s hardly the worst thing about Magnus Brimsey, for he is a supernaturally-gifted individual with a demented, deviant streak. He’s a serial killer, albeit a very methodical one whose crimes extend over two decades. He killed his lover, the model Laurianne Rutigliano, when he grew tired of her and when his wife was starting to get suspicious. Her corpse washed up in the sewers and was used by Scully to grow the plant which would become Calla. He’s the father of Claire Brimsey.

In many way, Magnus is very much a self-made man: while he did inherit his father’s business, it was a failing company which made parts for toilets. Using what little money he could muster from this mess he and his brother amassed a fortune which easily surpassed what little they had from the toilet part-making business. He then married the daughter of a banker purely as a move to get more money and rub shoulders with the elites of Worterburgh. However, upon meeting Legion and hearing his message he came to realize how much he loathed his life and the people he had to work for. He had become, in his eyes, a corrupt ‘sell out’ who felt no pleasure in his life or marriage and so he seek to destroy Worterburgh (and possibly the world) in hopes of making a ‘better’ one.

Magnus Brimsey

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