Supernatural Realms

Astral Plane

The ‘closest’ area of the supernatural realm, which essentially overlap the material world. The astral plane is nothing but a dense mental fog inhabited by incorporeal entities.

Inner Realms

Both part of the Astral Plane (and not part of it at the same time), Inner Realms are part of a person’s mind scape. There is an inner world for every single living, sentient being, a tiny realm of metaphors and memories.


Dreamlands are where Inner and Astral Realms meet, ever-changing places which blink in and out of existence by the dreaming of mortals and immortals alike. Some locations inside the Dreamlands are static (as much as dreams can be) or at least have been for some time.

The Border

Past the Astral Plane, things become corporeal once again. This is often referred to as ‘the border’, a semi-fluid area generally understand as the border or shores of the supernatural. Shallows refer to areas which ‘poke’ from the border into the material world, such as mysterious islands and lost cities which only appear once in a blue moon.

Border Domain

These are self-contained universes which exist within the Border as a completely stable location. They vary from locations which are an ‘outgrowth’ of a real place, like Clearton and Old Hollow to entire worlds which exist within the Border. Many of these worlds are more supernaturally-inclined than wholly physical Slivers and Shards.

The Inferno

Named after Dante’s Inferno (part of the Divine Comedy), this is a realm primarily inhabited by demons (especially the incorporeal or semi-corporeal type, although they can be fully corporeal within that realms) but also other horrific which would have business there. Indeed, the Inferno can act as something of a ‘shady neighborhood’ of the cosmos for spiritual being. Mortals (and semi-mortals) rarely enter the Inferno due to its nature being inimical to human nature, not to mention how nightmarish the place is to the mortal mind combined with the evil nature of its inhabitants.

Deeper Supernatural

The Deeper Supernatural is a collection of realms of great beauty as much as it of pure terror and insanity. Anything imaginable can be found in there, such as great elemental spans of fire or ice, the domain of ancient divinities (such as Asgard or Mount Olympus) to realms never recorded in legends as well as places which once existed but no longer do (Lemuria or Atlantis). Trying to map out and navigate the Supernatural is a complex task. Generally, it can be somewhat understood that there are larger regions of the Deeper Supernatural which are connected/closer due to their similarity in nature or geography. Regions of the Deeper Supernatural can be considered to be concepts given shape, making them harmful to the unprotected.

Those regions which are the domain of powerful entities (such as divine spirits) can be hard to exit, let alone survive.

The Underworld

These are not peaceful afterlives. The Underworld refer to all the various regions of the Deeper Supernatural which are primarily inhabited by ghosts (and some deities of death). It is a place where restless dead remain, perhaps for all eternity.


Other planets and physical objects of the solar system do, in fact, exist within the Supernatural Realms thanks to the strong association they have across many mythologies and belief systems. Some theorize these planets have their own ’layer’s to the supernatural, with a physical realm (the planet itself in the solar system) with deeper realms such as an astral plane and shallows (which are sometimes inhabited) and its deeper supernatural, strongly tied to the associations of said planet.

Conceptual Realms

Conceptual Realms are, as the name implies, Realms of things or concepts. These places may or may not be manifestations of the true Form of a thing, as in Plato’s Theory of Form. They can be visited in meditative trance but usually only entered either by great sage, mad men or the truly stoned.

  • Realm of Spiders
Shards and Slivers

A Shard is a group of alternate realities which follow a similar path. A Sliver is one reality within a Shard. Moving between Sliver is hard, moving between Shards even more so.

The Outside

Beyond what we understand, beyond time, space, matter, myths and legend is the Beyond. It is alien and only its borders can be visited before one is irreversibly taken to something beyond reality.

Supernatural Realms

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