Ancient Times

The lands upon which Worterburgh has been built have been inhabited for a long time. The people living there had no name for themselves and they were simplistic, rustic people that some would call barbaric. Historical records of dubious authenticity speak of dark rituals to appease insatiable gods and of human sacrifice. They called the land Ochillpwglaegla. Or something, as no historian is sure how the hell to pronounce or write these words.

Conquest & The Old Kings

Eventually, those who lived in the lands which would become Worterburgh were conquered. Those which did not die were assimilated. Initially second-class citizen, they slowly mingled with the invaders, leading to a slow syncretism of the beliefs and life styles of those who came before and those who came after. The conqueror crowned himself King and established a bloodline which would rule over what would become Worterburgh for centuries to come. These rulers are known, in modern times, as the Old Kings.


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